Analysis of value co-creation and social innovation for a new generation of libraries in Europe


Project of analysis of the musical ecosystem in Europe to promote fairness for creators (pros but also amateurs). It is thus necessary to propose criteria, methodologies and tools to achieve this objective: legal (in particular the copyright directive (2019/790) and the DSM), economic (business models in the music sector) and technical (bias in the algorithms and the various dimensions (to be defined) of ethics in this context). Afterwards, it will be a question of qualifying them, evaluating them and making them operational.


Supported by the GIS CollEx-Persée and carried out by the University of Lille and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF), in partnership with Sciences Po and the Campus Condorcet, the ResPaDon project is based on an analysis of the uses of web archives and digital corpora constituted by the BnF in order to experiment with new ways of accessing and using these digital collections.

Togo InfoNum

The objective of this project is to develop a double master's degree in information and communication sciences aimed at preparing students for the information professions (journalism, documentation, archives) as they fit into a networked digital world