Seminar on artificial intelligence, art and creativity

Credits : CIS


This seminar is jointly organized by Ksenia Ermoshina and Antoine Henry. The Artificial Intelligence, Art and Creativity working group of the CIS is launching a seminar dedicated to the development and use of AI by artists, and to artistic critiques of AI. For these monthly meetings, we will invite artists from various artistic backgrounds, as well as engineers who develop or exploit artificial creativity technologies. Our sessions will be recorded, in preparation for an augmented virtual exhibition, planned for late 2021.

Jan 1, 2021 14:00 — Dec 31, 2021 15:00
Centre Internet et Société

Les videos of the seminar :

Ninon Devis et Philippe Esling (IRCAM) :

Obvious :

Helena Nikonole :

Filipe Vilas-Boas :