Fabrique des communs de la connaissance

The project " Fabrique des communs de la connaissance " is a project built in partnership with the Myne which aims at operationalizing the theoretical brick relating to the knowledge commons developed by Antoine Henry in his thesis. Conceived as a mediation platform between actors producing knowledge on the territories, the “Fabrique des communs de la connaissance” project is interested in the new social and societal forms represented by actors such as Myne.

Fabrique des communs pédagogiques

The project aims at experimenting the implementation of a factory of pedagogical commons in order to create new frameworks of cooperation between heterogeneous typologies of actors (associations, institutions, companies, citizens, etc.) by the practice of making in common(s) in the field of education. In doing so, it questions the nature of the relationships and reciprocities between the different contributors of a common and the public power, guarantor of the general interest

Global Citizens’ Dialogue on the Future of Internet

The Internet plays a vital role in how we see the world, from capturing acts of strength and courage to shining a light on injustice. Whatever the purpose or the user, access to information has become paramount at the local and global level. But who gets to own our digital identity? How can we put an end to today’s digital divide? How can we be sure of getting high-quality information online? On October 10, take a seat at the Global Citizens’ Dialogue on Internet and directly influence the digital developments of your own city and region.

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FEE is a collegial, ephemeral and general interest association which was born at the end of May 2020. Its mission is to facilitate citizen support of the educational community during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Citizen and research collective that identifies civil society initiatives to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Antoine Henry is an information researcher specializing in digital, information and organizational transformation issues.


  • Digital
  • Information use and practices
  • Knowledge Organization


  • Information Science PhD, 2018

    Aix-Marseille University

  • Master degree in Business Intelligence and Strategic Communication, 2014

    Poitiers University