The building by teachers of their own pedagogical material, a way to promote pedagogical commons


This communication is based on the case of the project Je Fabrique mon matériel pédagogique1 within the Francophonie. The aim of this project is to help teachers to easily create the pedagogical material that they need or building materials that have been already made by someone else, beyond market-driven logic. Indeed, understanding educational resources as common resources is an opportunity to give everyone the means to do, to experiment, but also to be in a mutual aid logic by going beyond the competitive thinking of the market.

IASC 2023 - XIX Biennial IASC Conference - The Commons We Want
Antoine Henry
Antoine Henry
Chercheur en Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication

Mes recherches se concentrent plus particulièrement sur les questions relatives au numérique, à l’information et à la transformation des organisations.

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